A big congrats to John W. for winning the brand new copy of Kingdomino Origins in last month's giveaway! I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do.

This month, I'm giving away a pre-owned copy of Project L. This is my own personal copy of the game that I've kept in excellent condition, which you can see photos of in my review of Project L. It's pretty much "like new."

Project L is an engine-building puzzle game where you use polyomino pieces to solve puzzle tiles to score points. The twist is that you need to build up your pool of polyomino pieces by solving simpler puzzle tiles so you can more efficiently solve the larger puzzle tiles that score more points.

For me, Project L is just fine. But many gamers—especially family gamers—love Project L for its simplicity, its satisfying gameplay, and its production quality.

That's why I'm giving away my copy, so that it will find a home where it'll be appreciated and played more often!

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This giveaway is only for United States residents. One lucky participant will be picked at random to win this pre-owned copy of Project L to be shipped to their address. Entry will remain open until March 31, 2024 at 11:45 PM.

This giveaway has ended!

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