First things first, a big congrats to Audrey M. for winning the brand new copy of Welcome To... in last month's giveaway!

This month, I'm giving away a brand new copy of Kingdomino Origins.

Kingdomino Origins is a tile-laying game where you take turns drafting rectangular tiles with two terrains per tile and placing those tiles in your own kingdom. Whoever earns the most points—by drafting the best tiles and laying them in the best pattern—wins.

What I love about Kingdomino Origins is that it still has the base gameplay from the original Kingdomino, but also adds in a few optional variants that make it more advanced with extra layers of strategy.

It's such a versatile game. Kids can play the easy-to-learn base mode while gamers can enjoy the more fulfilling advanced modes. It's great for families, but it's also great as a two-player game. An all-round, dependable keeper.

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This giveaway is only for United States residents. One lucky participant will be picked at random to win a brand new copy of Kingdomino Origins to be shipped to their address. Entry will remain open until February 29, 2024 at 11:45 PM.

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